This time we’re mixing old methods with new methods! Whether you’re a small business owner, a large business owner or self-employed, chances are you have your own business cards. They’re a handy, wallet-sized way to get your details out to potential customers. In fact, 57% of people think that they’re an essential tool for running a business. But what if you could use your business cards to get more customer reviews for your company?

Include your RevFee link on your business cards for more customer reviews:

Including your RevFee link on your business cards is a simple yet effective way to get your customers to leave more reviews. Returning customers and new customers alike can simply look at your business card, visit your RevFee link and give you more customer reviews.
Next time you’re updating your business cards, make sure you incorporate your RevFee link! You can even use our helpful guide to creating RevFee QR codes to add an eye-catching QR code to your cards. This means that your customers can simply scan your business cards with their smartphone and be taken immediately to your RevFee review page. RevFee is an endlessly versatile way to get more customer reviews for your business – check out some of the other ways to use your RevFee link!