Imagine if your business has had a really busy week, customers sales are through the roof and you are smashing with customer services. Happy customers everywhere you look. doing well. How useful is this if you can’t collect reviews and get the positive feedback?
Now with RevFee you have a second chance to get that vital customer interaction. Due to the simple, easy to use nature of the service, you can send follow up emails and to your customers further on down the line to collect reviews. RevFee is easily accessed by an email with one website link to the customer’s choice of social media outlet.

The service is flexible and you can choose to send an email with a link that leads directly to your business website. To some, leaving feedback is a chore but now thanks to our easy access function, customers can do it in their own time, even from their mobile whilst waiting for the bus.

By following the simple instruction on the email they can simply click on a link to get straight to the 5-star rating system and leave positive feedback. It’s easy to use with no excuses. Why not take a look at some of the other methods you can use to get your RevFee link into the hands of your customers and collect reviews?