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Now there is an easy way to collect online reviews using Facebook, Google, Checkatrade, TripAdvisor and more. RevFee helps your business receive and review negative feedback, getting it right before it goes online.

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Making It Easier To Leave Reviews Online

Leaving reviews on social media can often be a daunting task. We have asked more than 200 shoppers to leave a review on Facebook or Google and the majority didn’t.

When we asked the same people to leave a review using RevFee? Well, that’s a different story altogether. The results, instant success.

One Link

RevFee connects to Facebook, Google+, TripAdvisor or even Checkatrade. It’s simple, quick and easy.

Don't Get Lost

Customers can leave feedback on a website they have never used before without getting lost or confused.

Get More Business

People like to talk and shopping is no different. More positive reviews equates to more business. It’s a win-win situation.

Negative to Positive

Some people are never happy. With RevFee, you can filter out those negative reviews for constructive feedback.

online reviews using RevFee - customer reviews

Forgetting Is Not An Option

People are busy, once they are asked to leave a review – they often forget or other stuff comes up. With RevFee, you can ask for feedback by sending an email, giving them a flyer or just adding RevFee link on your receipts. There are many ways to collect reviews and there is no time limit.


To some, leaving feedback is a bit of a mission, but now, thanks to our easy access function, customers can do it in their own time, even from their mobile whilst waiting for the bus. The simplistic format of RevFee means that it can be accessed from one easy to remember website link.

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of consumers read online reviews
of consumers would use a business with a four star rating
of customers trust online reviews
of shoppers say positive reviews help them trust a business

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Collect reviews on most popular platforms including Facebook, Google, Checkatrade and TripAdvisor!

Connect with your customers by turning negative reviews into constructive feedback!

Get on top of your competitors by improving your business reputation online!

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