How many stars would you count as a negative review? RevFee’s newest star-rating feature lets you decide!

What would you class as a negative review?

Of course, a 1-2 star rating would be classed as a negative review but some businesses aren’t so happy with 3-star reviews either. The issue there being 3 stars is average, it’s so-so.
So, you can get feedback from a 1-2 star rating but not a 3-star rating? That doesn’t seem right! If a customer deems my business as average, I think I’d like some feedback so that I may improve it.

You decide!

Well, now, with RevFee you can decide how many stars you’d like to count as a negative review! So, for example, let’s say you’d class anything below 3-stars as a negative review. Leaving a review of 3-stars or less will ask them for feedback by filling in a short form.
On the other hand, if you’d prefer to make it so only people who leave 1-2 star reviews need to fill out the feedback form then that’s entirely up to you!

More Feedback!

The most important thing about this feature is, ultimately, to get more feedback. Getting feedback from customers who would’ve left you a bad review is one of the main purposes of using RevFee. Not only improving that all important online reputation but also gaining useful feedback so your business can flourish and grow.
To learn more about what feedback and reviews can do for your business check out this article!

If you have any questions about this new feature or just any general queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch!